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Count, Color, & Name {Summer Edition}

These books are my fav. Structured, visual, and targets those basic, foundational skills that so many of my kiddos need to work on. I love these books so much I made a whole series out of them. My OG book – What? How Many? What Color – was getting a lot of wear and tear in my room. I created a whole series – one for each month of the year! I couldn’t wait to get these puppies printed, laminated, and velcroed up. The Summer Edition is perfect for summer school and I even made a few extra copies to send home with some kiddos to work on with their parents over the summer.

The Autism Helper

This version focuses on summer vocab!

The Autism Helper

Directions for setup are included. The format of this book includes an easy to use side page to store all book pieces. This is truly a must for me when it comes to adapted books. No more loose baggies and lost pieces.

The Autism Helper

Check out the video preview of Count, Color, & Name {Summer Edition}:

If you love these books are much as I love Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade – I recommend snagging the whole series for a discount. You’ll have one for each month of the year and it’s sure to make your planning easy breezy.

The Autism Helper


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