Copying Picture Task to Increase Visual Performance

One of my favorite activities to do with some of my lower level learners is working on copying pictures. It works on color identification, visual perception skills, fine motor abilities, spatial awareness, and sequencing. You sold yet? I incorporated this activity as the “journal” for some of my lower level kiddos. It worked perfectly. They still had a way to be actively involved in a way that was beneficial to them. This is also an essential component skill as part of the ABLLS.

Some of my kids have done such a great job and really expanded on this skill. You can start very simply – a yellow circle, a green square, and a black wavy line. Then shape that into a picture by combining shapes and adding detail.

The Autism Helper

This a great task for early finishers, down time in between activities, and a quick task for kids to work while you setup the next activity. You know we’ve gotta be keep those busy hands engaged at.all.times.

The Autism Helper

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  1. Thanks for this great idea for an easy way to improve my son’s handwriting ability this summer! I would not have thought of it myself.


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