Copy and Write Winter Words {freebie}

I have some kiddos that STRUGGLE with writing. I have the big letter writers, the obsessive tracers and tracers, the write so light I can’t see it guys, and I even have a write all my letters on top of each other writer. So yes. We work on writing with these kids ALOT. I know my kids are older but I still think being able to legibly write your name is a very functionally important goal. Since we know how helpful visual cues are – I like using visual structure to help with writing for these students.

I shared this activity (fine motor skills post) a few weeks ago:


… giving the small box helps show my students how big their letters should be. I use these reusable laminated activities in work station for independent work as well:


I love these tasks! Quick to make, easy to teach, and just wipe with a baby wipe to clean up! I decided to make some winter themed Copy and Write activities! Some times I forget to update some these oldie but goodie work tasks and I thought my guys might appreciate some new work tasks.

copy and write winter

You can use these as worksheets but I love to laminate these and write on them with a dry erase marker. I make small packets (5-8) and attach them with a binder clip in the corner!

Download today on TpT! There are 12 different work cards. I am putting them into 2 packets! If you download this freebie – please leave me some feedback love 🙂


  1. We are using this freebie in our work stations right now! The kiddos love it, and (like you said) it’s so easy and quick to make! Thanks Sasha!

  2. I love that you included a picture 🙂
    I have my students do a similar activity only it is just with their names. I have them write it twice, once is printed in light grey, so they can trace, from the computer and then i write in highlighter from them to trace.

  3. Ha ha! I laughed when you described all the different kinds of writers in your room…I have many of the same! Thanks for the freebie 🙂

  4. This looks good! Thanks for the freebie. My boys start big school in a few weeks (aaah!) and we’ve been practising lots of writing. But I despair at their pencil grips – any tips?

  5. Happy to hear, Reagan!

  6. Love that! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Godo to hear I’m not the only one! Happy you like it 🙂

  8. I want more of these worksheets! Have you made more?

  9. I am working on some fall ones 🙂


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