Community Helpers Game

I found a GREAT accompaniment to my Community Worker’s Unit! My community worker unit is one of my favorites because it is a seamless combination of functional and academic learning. Marriage made in heaven in my world – right?! This game is freaken awesome and compliments the unit perfectly! It’s from Super Duper and targets problem solving, making inferences, and social skills all within the community context.

Now I have to admit – it’s a little pricey for a board game. But I’m sure you could potentially talk your administration or principal into covering this for your – as part of your social studies curriculum, right?! You could snag some common cores to align this too – am I wrong? It’s all about how you spin it!

community game

These are the locations the game works on:

community game


Here are some sample cards:

community game




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  1. Its on sale right now!!!


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