Teaching about the different community helper members in our community is an important skill for our students.  I wanted to share about my Community Helper Task Cards which focus on “Where” the different members of the community work.  This is the last activity in my set of 3 activities/games which include Community Helper Bingo, “I Have…Who Has…? Community Helper Games, and Community Helper Task Cards – Where Do They Work.  This set includes 36 Level 1 and 36 Level 2 Task Cards.  Lots of practice for our students to learn about the different locations these community helper members work.  For the Level 1 cards, the students have the additional visual support of the community helper member.  The Level 1 and Level 2 cards focus on the same community helper members but I switched around the location pictures on the cards so the students can’t memorize the cards if you move from Level 1 to Level 2. 

There are different ways you can use these cards with your students depending on their skill level and if they are verbal or non-verbal students.  For Level 1, you or your student can read the card.  For example, “The firefighter works at the….” I usually read the answer choices because some of the building/locations might be hard for the students to figure out or identify with just the visual.  Then I have the student either point to, circle, or verbally say the answer.  If the student is having trouble answering figuring out where the community helper member works first try and reduce one of the location choices to see if they can answer from a visual field of 2.  After the student finds the answer I verbally model the community helper member and where they work.  “The firefighter works at the fire station.”    

I also really liked using these cards with my students who have AAC devices.  For some of my students who use AAC devices we don’t often navigate to the “Places” page so this was great practice.  To teach some of my students I had them first circle the answer on the task card with a dry erase marker and then find the location on their AAC device.  After the students start to understand the concept of finding the location page to identify where each member works I don’t always have them continue to circle the answer first.

With some practice my students really started to do a great job finding those different locations on their devices to identify where the community helper members worked.  I did have to edit some of my students’ devices to add a few of the places that were not on their devices.  It just depends on the device and program your student is using.  Hopefully most of these locations/places are on your students devices because it make it so much easier!

The Level 2 cards are a little more challenging without that added visual support of the community helper member.  Again you or your student can read the “where” question and then have your student answer the question either verbally, by pointing, circling, or using their AAC device to answer the question. 

These task cards can also be used at an independent work station if your students can do this task independently.  The student could read the card and circle the answer with a dry erase marker or mark it with a clothes pin.  Then you can check the students work to make sure they got them right.   

If you are interested in the set of Community Helper Games you can find them on TPT with the link – Community Helper Game Pack 

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