Community Helper Association Task Cards

I’m really excited about these new Community Helper Association Task cards.  If your students are learning about community helpers these task cards might be a perfect activity to use with them.  These task cards are different from my previous Association Task cards in which the student has to identify which 2 common items go together and why the items go together.  For this new set the student has to identify which 2 items go together and are associated with which community helper member.  The set contains 72 Community Helper Association Cards.  Some of these cards might be challenging!

Here is how I have been using these cards in therapy with my students.  If my student is verbal I have him/her name all four items on the card because I want to make sure they are familiar with all the items since some are not as common.  Plus I’m always working with my students on naming items.  If the student is non-verbal, I name all four items as I point to each picture.  Then I have the student tell me or point to which two items go together.  I found my students can more easily identify which 2 items go together but explaining “why” or which community helper member is associated with those items is more challenging. 

I created 2 task cards for some of the more common community helpers such as police officer, fire fighter, and teacher.  This gives my students extra practices plus there are more familiar items associated with these community helper members.    

If my student cannot independently identify the community helper member associated with the items I provide them a choice of 2-3 community helpers.   For example, on one of the cards my student pointed to the items and named “suitcase, airplane, chair, and brick”.  After my student identified the suitcase and airplane went together he could not identify which community helper member used those items.  I gave my student a choice.  “Is the airplane and suitcase for a teacher, pilot, or doctor?”  Then my student was able to correctly answer “pilot”.

Some of the items on the cards and associated community helper members are not as common so it’s good exposure to new vocabulary concepts.  Scientist, golfer, and mechanic were definitely challenging for my students!   

I created some for different athletes too.  For example, “the basketball hop and sneakers go together because they are both for a basketball player”.

You can use these cards with your students who use AAC devices to work on naming those community helper members on their AAC devices.  You might have your student point to the 2 items which are related and then find the community helper member on their AAC device.  For example, after pointing to or circling the mail truck and mail box your student could find “mail carrier” on their device.  To make it more challenging your student can name the related items on their device and the community helper member associated with the items.  One of my students said “shot doctor” on their device which was great.    

If you are interested in these task cards you can find them on TPT with the link – Community Helper Association Task Cards


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