Communication {Embedded Opportunities}

Communication opportunities should be literally exploding out of your classroom. Your student should have so many chances to participate, comment, greet, socialize, request, and more that by that final school bell they are dang near exhausted. A communication delay is synonymous with autism. So every child in your classroom or caseload will need some types of instruction or training in this area. Embed communication chances into all areas of your classroom. Utilize the same principles for instruction and set up that we know are successful for our kiddos. Make it structured, routine based, and visual. I love this part of my classroom. I love thinking of new ways to get my kids involved!

There are literally countless ways to embed communication opportunities:

    •  daily questions
    • contrived opportunities with a missing item (give juice box without straw, paper without pencils, etc.)
    • snack/lunch
    • daily greetings
    • errands around school


Let’s get visual:

The Autism Helper - Communication

The Autism Helper - Communication

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