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For our planting unit, we tip toed into a new area of arts and crafts that was previously untraveled to by my wee little classroom. Good thing we did – because it opened a whole new world of crafty possibilities. I am self-admittedly not the most creative person when it comes to getting my students into art. This craft is right up my alley – minimal prep, tiny mess, and can be done by the range of students in my class – the collage.

Why have we not been collaging all year? I threw some magazines on the table and I had QUIET and working little chickadees for 30 minutes. Yea that’s right – I said 30 minutes! What a range of skills collaging works on – fine motor skills, categorizing, discrimination, and visual knowledge.

The Autism Helper - Collage


There are so many ideas I have now for collaging fun! My preschool teaching cousin gave me some great ideas too. Collages by letter (words that start with a, words that start with b, etc.), emotions, situations that are fun/not fun, who/where/when, categories (animals, people, plants, toys, etc. – all on the same collage)… possibilities are endless right!?

Preteen/teen hint: Take a quick sweep of your magazines before you let your kids cut up and make sure to take out any “suggestive” ads. Trust me. It’ll make your life much easier. 


The Autism Helper - Collage

Up on the agenda this week – a categorizing collage with first morning group. I am updating their ABLLS and who says everything needs to be assessed with boring flashcards or file folders, right?!  Any other great collage ideas?


  1. We have done several collages in our room this year. We made a seperate collage for all of the colors we have learned and basic shapes. We tried doing one for each letter, but that was a little more difficult than we originally planned 🙂

  2. I remember seeing a collage done by “nouns” – person, places, and things. Sort of like categories. You could probably also collage by color to review any colors you may be working on. Maybe a number collage or a counting one somehow to work on math skills?

  3. I love the number idea and the noun one! SO many fun ideas!


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