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New Clothes Pin Work Tasks

I love work tasks with clothes pins. They build fine motor skills, are super durable, and can be utilized within academic tasks. And you can usually find clothes pins at the dollar store. If it’s sold at the dollar store – I’m in. Let’s be real. I can’t be going to Lakeshore Learning for every work activity. Only in my dream world.


I have a bunch of tasks with clothes pins already in my class:

The Autism Helper - Work Task


Check out these new ideas! I am obsessed! These are perfect for the busy little hands in my classroom that need to be engaged but need something more challenging that just matching.

Fill in the Missing Letter: Students find the coordinating letter that is missing in the alphabet line.

The Autism Helper - Work Task

Initial Letter Matching: Students fill in the missing initial letter in these words.

The Autism Helper - Work Task

My other ideas are to make one task with missing numbers in number line, patterning, and missing number in math equations. Any other awesome uses for clothes pins?

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  1. I have a number activity with cards for numbers 1-10 and a bucket of clothes pins. They need to put 7 clothes pins on number 7 etc.. I have also made it self correcting by putting the amount of dots on the back as they need clothes pins.

  2. Love that idea!

  3. I love how your posts inspire me! I am thinking about the same concept but using the clothespins with letters to “build” sight words, CVC words, etc… Thanks for helping me think “outside of the box!” 🙂

  4. Thanks! Love the CVC word idea 🙂

  5. Sasha, Loving your resources! Do you have any prepared Clothes Pins Work Tasks on TpT’s site? Thanks! Sherra


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