Classroom Video Tours

Every time I do a presentation, I say the same line, “Like many of our students, I am a visual learner. So today’s PD is filled with photos and visuals so you can see everything in action.” I always say it the same way right before I jump into my session. I’m the same way here on the blog. I want to share all the real-world depictions of everything. When I read an article, I’m scanning for a photo. I am literally obsessed with those quick cooking videos. They make everything look so simple. Long story short – I am all about the visuals so I hope you are too. And the best type of visual is a movie! I have a ton of different classroom video tours that I have done throughout the years and here is roundup of all of them!

2015 Edition:

2014 Edition

2013 Edition:

2012 Edition:

I can’t wait to share videos from all of the classrooms that I am consulting in this fall! Be sure to follow me on Facebook for Facebook Live Videos as well!  #imobsessedwithvideos


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