While the holidays do bring loads of fun things like social appropriateness to eating cookies and candy before 9am and an excuse to make online shopping your second job it also can bring a lot of challenges for our classrooms. Holidays equal schedule changes, new experiences, and sensory overload. If you aren’t sensitive to this and put in some extra planning and prep to make sure this challenges aren’t to much for our students you will be in for one massive holiday hot mess.

Tackling the holiday party can be a daunting task. It’s all of those holiday challenges we just mentioned rolled into one. Sometimes we avoid it because it’s too hard. But then our students are missing out on some valuable (and fun!) life experiences. I approach class parties in a very specific way. It’s all about visuals, routines, centers, and schedules. And I’ve got one quick print-and-go (aka no laminating required) pack that will plan the whole party in one quick sweep. Let’s check out my Christmas Class Party Setup Kit. 

This resource comes with a 4 or 5 center class party plan. You break your class up into groups and assign adults to each station. I recommend asking parents, clinicians, or other school staff to volunteer to take a station. Each station comes with visual directions and when applicable a real photo example. This helps let the students (and the adults) know exactly what they are doing at each station. Students use mini visual schedules to rotate around the centers. Materials are listed so adults can be independent in setting up their centers too 😉

If you have avoided the holiday party in the past – I highly recommend you give this Christmas Class Party Setup Kit a whirl. The structure and visuals prepare your students for the change and give them the chance to really enjoy the party. And if they enjoy the party, you will enjoy the party much more!

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