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I am constantly talking about my need to make things more easy and efficient. My opinion is – if you can do it easier or quicker – why wouldn’t you? We are busy enough – there is no need to add more hoopla on our ever growing plate of things-we-need-to-get-done. One thing that can take forever is setting up PECS schedules. And we all know that by the end of a booger covered, haven’t sat once in my desk chair kind of day – the last thing on your mind is setting up tomorrow’s schedule. Sometimes by 3:00 I can’t even remember my name, much less whether we have art or music tomorrow morning. All I’m thinking about is making a beeline for my couch, the DVR, and heaping glassful of wine. So let’s make it easy. Give yourself a cheat sheet so setting up schedules is a breeze.

Last year I made these cheat sheets:

IMG_1340  IMG_1336IMG_1338

Little mini schedules! – so you can glance and easily set up the schedule. Check out the post here.

Another super easy way is to take actual photos of the schedules set up how I want them. Then I just printed the picture and taped it into the inside of the binder schedule. It takes two seconds and is so helpful.

The Autism Helper - Schedules

I just glance at the picture and can easily set the schedule up for tomorrow.

The Autism Helper - Schedules

This makes my afternoon post-school set up so speedy that I am snuggled up on my couch in no time! 🙂


  1. My students are high enough that they put up their own schedules. I have a cheat sheet posted by each students schedule for them to refer to when putting up their schedules. It is their job to check the specials schedule to see where they go for specials that day. It takes a couple of weeks of very intense one-on-one to get the new kids aclimated to what I expect of them, but in the end it is worthwhile. My older kids that i have had before know exactly what to do.

  2. I love this idea!!! I am always forgetting to set schedules up, but this is going to make it so much faster!! Thank you!

  3. Dear Sasha,
    I love your blog and all the helpful goodies in your store. I am a high school teacher in a small group class. I have students with various disabilities. I am struggling with a violent student. He expresses his frustration with his fists. He has hit his classmates, peer tutors and adults. I am in the process of creating a BIP. I am just afraid that the school and district aren’t taking my fears seriously. I am afraid he is going to hurt someone and I will be held accountable. Do you have any products or tips to help students with violent behavior. I have purchased your contingency maps. Thanks

  4. Great Minds think alike!
    Already taking pictures of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Thanks for the confirmation.

  5. I want my kids to be responsible (new concept this year) for their schedules. This is a great idea for them to do.

  6. Love having kids make their own schedules! Helps them know what to expect!

  7. Where can you find pictures to use for PECS? I’m trying to put something together before my son goes to school. I’ve tried google, but not having much luck!


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