Chat Up Your Classmate {a social skills activity}

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During the first week of school, we did a lot of ‘getting to know each other’ and ‘all about me’ activities. In all fairness, my kids really already do know each other. But I choose these types of activities for a few reasons – 1. They are fun. 2. They are relatively easy for my students 3. They know how to accomplish these types of activities. 4. It gets my students back in the routine of responding to each other. It was a nice set of activities to start the school year.

I made this interviewing worksheet and was a little hesitant of how it would go. This could be a little tricky and my students really struggle with responding to each other. It seems I’m often the ‘translator’ (hey Brian, Dan asked you what your favorite food is…). However, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by how well this went. I called it Chat Up Your Classmates. It’s great to work on asking/answering questions, commenting, and conversation skills.


I put the pages on clipboards and paired up students. I paired up a slightly higher student with a student with less verbal proficiencies. This worked well for one student to ‘lead’ the interview a little bit. After we finished, we presented our interviewee to the class. This was tricky because we had to use the correct pronouns – ie. This is my friend Sarah. She likes pizza. Pronouns are hard for us.
Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 8.34.54 AM      Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 8.35.09 AM
Download this worksheet here: Chat Up Your Classmates


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