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Using Adjective Adapted books with AAC Devices

I’m working with some of my students who have AAC devices to expand the use of their devices.  These particular students are good with navigating their devices to request items using “I want…” phrases, name categories, identify nouns, and use some common verbs.  My...

Free Big/Small Easter Egg Sort

I’ve made big/small sorts for other holidays so I figured I’d make one for Easter too.  This is also a great activity to work on following directions involving size and color concepts with your students.  I know Easter is coming up soon so hopefully you can use this...

Associated Picture Task Cards

I’m loving these Associated Picture Task cards Sasha created.  The set contains 36 cards so they make a perfect speech therapy session activity.  I use them to target both receptive and expressive language skills.  These association cards are different then having the...

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