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Focus on Five: Using a Communication Station for SEL!

I created a communication station in my classroom about two years ago. Communication is a key part of social/emotional learning (SEL).  What my communication station consists of is a large print core communication board and a few other TAH communication products with...

Focus on Five: Materials and Resources to Set Up and Run a Fluency Station!

Let’s continue basic skills month at TAH! After all the helpful blogs about basic skills, it’s time to examine where students go from here…so what’s after students have initially learned basic skills? I’m so glad you asked! It is vital...

Focus on Five: Five Videos to Jump-Start Errorless Learning in Your Classroom!

This month is all about foundational skills at TAH! On Monday, Sasha’s blog brought talked about the most essential foundational skills-capturing attention. Today, I want to focus on using errorless learning to teach academic foundational skills. I have to make...

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