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Get ready to learn all about how to increase communication skills in all types of learners! Communication is key to decreasing negative behaviors, increasing academic success, and an overall improved quality of life. What’s not to love!?

Answering “WH” Questions

Level 2: Expressive Language Another important concept to target with our students is answering “wh” questions.  Answering “wh” questions does require both receptive and expressive language skills.  The student needs to understand and process the “wh” question and...

Teaching Greetings for Students who are Verbal

Level 2: Expressive Language Two weeks ago we chatted about getting our nonverbal learners to greet their peers and teachers. Now let’s discuss how to get the skill rolling for kids who are verbal. Now before you check out saying to yourself, “all of my...


Level 2:  Receptive Language Another important concept for our students to understand is categorization.  This requires our students to recognize and differentiate objects before they can categorize the objects into groups.  Categorization is the act of sorting or...

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