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Get ready to learn all about how to increase communication skills in all types of learners! Communication is key to decreasing negative behaviors, increasing academic success, and an overall improved quality of life. What’s not to love!?

Answering Why & How Questions

Level 3: Expressive Language Our students in this level have likely mastered answering basic wh- questions. They’ve got the who, what, where, and when questions mastered. So before you put up your feet and pour yourself a cocktail, hang in there a bit longer....

Social Thinking

Level 3:  Expressive Language I love teaching and working on pragmatic language skills with my higher level students.  Being a good conversationalist is very difficult for our students with social language challenges.  For these students those social language deficits...

Teaching Conversation Skills

Level 3: Expressive Language Conversation skills are something we take for granted. We engage in conversations seamlessly and without second thought. We don’t need to remind ourselves to comment when someone is telling us a story or what appropriate body...

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