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Engaging Lesson Plans for Remote Learning

Gaining and maintaining attention through an iPad has been very difficult. Now that it is December, my team and I are working harder than we were in August to keep our kids wanting to come to virtual school! Many of our students are used to navigating the iPads while...

I See Shapes Adapted Book with Free Shape Bingo Games

I’m still working with my students on those basic shape concepts so the plan for this week is my “I See Shapes” adapted book and one of my fun Shape Bingo games.  I created a set of both Color and Shape Bingo Games that I wanted to share as a free resource for you to...

What Shape Do You See? Adapted Book and Free Shape Activity

I’ve been working with many of my students on some of those basic color, shape, and number concepts so I created a set of three adapted books just to focus on shape concepts.  This series includes “What Shape Do You See?”, “I See Shapes”, and “Let’s Find Shapes”. ...

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