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Counting Adapted Book Series

Working on number concepts with your students?  Check out this Counting Adapted Book Series.  The set includes “How Many Do You See?”, “Let’s Count the Animals!”, and “I Can Count!”  Each book has a different format but the goal is to work on those 1 to 1-10 number...

Play with Multi Age Children

Toys, toys and more toys! As an early childhood special educator for Infants and Toddlers, I have the amazing opportunity to virtually visit many homes (and one day in person again).  Many of the families I work with have multiple children in the home and the question...

Let’s Find Shapes and Shape Sorting Activities

I’ve been sharing about my shape themed adapted book series and “Let’s Find Shapes” is the final book in this series.  The series includes “What Shape Do You See?”, “I See Shapes”, and “Let’s Find Shapes”.   All these books are great to work on those basic shape...

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