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Whether you are a new teacher ready to get started on your classroom or a veteran teacher looking to freshen things up – check out my Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room. Start with Organization & Planning next on to the Structure, Schedules, Visuals, and Data. Then finish up with Work Tasks & Curriculum and Communication.

Planning For the Extended School Year And Beyond

The extended school year is a wonderful time to practice the maintenance of skills that our learners gained throughout the school year. This is an important time for teachers and families to work together to incorporate generalization opportunities. When planning for...

Touring A Socially Distant Educational Learning Skills Classroom

This month marks one year of a worldwide pandemic! To say that I am proud of us for making it through is an understatement! Underneath all of the stress and tears, my team and I have learned new ways of teaching that we never thought we would need. Veteran teachers...

Managing Smooth Classroom Schedules

The building that my classroom is housed in is an all preschool building. We have 10 classrooms in total with MANY related service team members, and two Early Childhood Assessment Teams. Not only do we have to manage all of our individual classroom schedules, but we...

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