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Whether you are a new teacher ready to get started on your classroom or a veteran teacher looking to freshen things up – check out my Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room. Start with Organization & Planning next on to the Structure, Schedules, Visuals, and Data. Then finish up with Work Tasks & Curriculum and Communication.

Pre-K Classrooms and COVID

As I write this post, I am (like many of you) awaiting on our state superintendent of schools to speak about the latest update on schools and COVID.  As teachers we like to be super prepared and a pandemic just does not lend itself to normal planning.  By now I would...

3 Resources from Remote Learning that I Will Bring Back to the Classroom

Remote learning came fast and with a ton of resources. I am thankful to have many lessons and activities from The Autism Helper to keep me organized and a little less stressed. I was able to look through the resources and materials I had and change them into an online...

Focus on Five: Tour of My Google Classroom

The more I use Google Classroom, the more ideas I get to make it accessible for families. I have posted a lot about Google Classroom, but I wanted to share how my Google Classroom has evolved in order to give other cluster program teachers ideas on how to organize...

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