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Whether you are a new teacher ready to get started on your classroom or a veteran teacher looking to freshen things up – check out my Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room. Start with Organization & Planning next on to the Structure, Schedules, Visuals, and Data. Then finish up with Work Tasks & Curriculum and Communication.

Face to Face Early Learning Classroom Set Up

I am so excited that some of our students will be returning to in person instruction.  My disclaimer about this post is that this is what we THINK will work.  As you know, especially with super tiny humans and an ongoing pandemic, the plan and structure must always be...

Scheduling Preschoolers and Keeping IEP Data During Remote Learning

The start of the school year has been off to a wonderful and crazy ride! Zoom meetings have been taking over my whole day as we get ready to teach our students in a remote setting. As we start teaching, it is important that I stay as focused as possible, especially...

Early Childhood Classroom Furniture!

Raise your hand if the months of March through June crawled and July and August seemed to have flown by! I cannot believe it is almost back to school time.  As of now our district is beginning fully online and then assessing closer to September 28th with a possible...

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