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A Deeper Look into Centers Time in an Early Childhood Classroom

What Exactly is in Centers? Centers.  So beneficial, yet they can be so tricky to run.  For me, they have looked differently each year depending on the students I have.  Our school is also going through Maryland State Accreditation where we enter an incredibly...

IEP Goals in an Early Childhood Classroom

To say that there are common IEP goals I use often in Early Childhood seems a bit taboo because well, IEP goals are to be individualized, hence the name.  However, if we think about what is needed to function in school there are some goals that most young children do...

Setting Up a Structured Work Area in an Inclusion Classroom

Last week during my takeover I received many questions on inclusion practices and co teaching.  Before my new pre-k3 program began, I specifically co taught in second grade for six years and then had a comprehensive classroom that serviced students in partial to...

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