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Managing Smooth Classroom Schedules

The building that my classroom is housed in is an all preschool building. We have 10 classrooms in total with MANY related service team members, and two Early Childhood Assessment Teams. Not only do we have to manage all of our individual classroom schedules, but we...

Play with Multi Age Children

Toys, toys and more toys! As an early childhood special educator for Infants and Toddlers, I have the amazing opportunity to virtually visit many homes (and one day in person again).  Many of the families I work with have multiple children in the home and the question...

How to Organize all of the STAR Materials

As we head into winter break, my number one goal is to be prepared and ready for resuming school in January, whether it be in person or remote. Using my plan time efficiently has been a main focus while working from home. Staying organized, on top and ahead of lesson...

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