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How to Create Engaging Choice Menus

As we get deeper into the school year, we are getting more comfortable teaching our structured program virtually. I know that this can’t last forever! My team and I have a nice groove of posting in our virtual classroom and using The Autism Helper digital resources....

How to Pair Virtually and In School

As a special educator working in early childhood, one of the most common barriers in both virtual and in person learning that has been expressed to me is that the child or student is not yet attending to the screen or table. I often hear “My child won’t sit at the...

Face to Face Early Learning Classroom Set Up

I am so excited that some of our students will be returning to in person instruction.  My disclaimer about this post is that this is what we THINK will work.  As you know, especially with super tiny humans and an ongoing pandemic, the plan and structure must always be...

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