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Receptive Present Progressive Verb Task Cards

I’m excited about these new receptive present progressive task cards I recently finished making.  I created these cards because I’m always working with students on learning and identifying different action verbs concepts.  This set is large and contains 150 task...

Scheduling Preschoolers and Keeping IEP Data During Remote Learning

The start of the school year has been off to a wonderful and crazy ride! Zoom meetings have been taking over my whole day as we get ready to teach our students in a remote setting. As we start teaching, it is important that I stay as focused as possible, especially...

Shape Themed File Folder Activities

I recently shared about my set of Color Themed File Folder Activities so they week I wanted to share about my Shape File Folder Activities.  The beginning of the year is a good time to prep some new materials you can use this upcoming school year.  As I mentioned...

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