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How To Implement Hands On and Movement Activities

One of the biggest challenges I have found during remote learning is maintaining the ability to sit. When we are in the classroom, our bodies are always moving! We interact and play with each other, transition, practice functional routines, work on projects,...

Using Adapted Books to Work on Color Concepts

Still working on color concepts with your students?  I created another adapted book series about colors.  This series includes; “What Color is the Food?”, “What Color is the Animal?”, and “What Color is the School Supply?”  Many of the students on my caseload are...

(FUN)ctional Routines

Practicing functional routines is an essential life skill. In doing so, our learners will work on becoming independent in the classroom, their homes, and their communities. Functional routines can be fun and motivating, even if they are challenging and stressful right...

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