Bunny Mix!

Wow!  With Easter right around the corner I’m doing both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter activities with my students the next couple weeks.  One of my favorite cooking activities for Easter is Bunny Mix….Crunchy and Sweet is a great combination!  I do this cooking activity both as a whole class lesson or with small groups.  I created both a visual recipe and a written recipe to use with my students depending on the student’ skill level.  The recipe is easy to follow.  The first 3 ingredients are popcorn, pretzels, and Rice Chex.  I have the popcorn already popped to save time and you can also use gluten free pretzels if you want to make the recipe gluten free.  I use these three ingredients to work on first, second, and third concepts.  After we put the item in the bowl I put a number 1, 2, or 3 on the food item to provide the visual support for understanding sequencing concepts.

Bunny Mix

There are lots of different ingredients for the students to help add to the mix!  I try to find Easter M & Ms so it’s really pretty Spring Colors.

Bunny Mix 1

Follow-up Sequencing Task:  Cut out the 3 pictures – Popcorn, Pretzel Sticks, and Rice Chex.  You can have your students cut out their own pictures if you want to work on some fine motor skills.  The occupational therapist I work with has my younger students use adapted scissors to work on cutting out the pictures.  Then have the kids place the pictures in the correct order and glue them on the page.  If the students need some additional prompting you can hold up the items again with the numbers on them or refer back to the recipe.

Bunny Mix Sequencing Task

Comprehension Questions:  After the students finish eating the Bunny Mix I have them complete the comprehension questions.  Use either the visual questions or written questions depending on the student’s ability.  Have the students refer back to the recipe to help answer the questions.

Bunny Mix Visual Questions Bunny Mix Written Questions


Hope your students enjoy Bunny Mix as much as mine do!

Sarah The Speech Helper

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  1. I am an autism teacher and I love boardmaker!!


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