Bunny, Bunny What Do You See?



I created an adapted book and craft activity to do with my students this week for the upcoming Easter holiday.  We read Bunny, Bunny What Do You See? and made Easter Eggs out of glue, shaving cream, and food coloring.  My students had so much fun making their eggs.


Bunny Book Pages


The Bunny book targets both number concepts and spring animal vocabulary.  While reading the book, I have the students touch each word square so they can follow along with the book as we read it together.  For this book, the kids have to find both the number and the animal that matches for each page.  On each page I also have the kids touch the animals as they count each animal to work on one-to-one correspondence.  For some of my students, I give them a choice of 2 numbers to pick from if scanning all the numbers is too difficult or they are still working on number identification.  I also asked my students lots of “wh” questions about the animals on each page as we read the book.  For example; “What color are caterpillars?” and “Where do the birds live?”.

Bunny Book Page

EASTER EGG CRAFT –  This is a great craft to work on following directions, sequencing, modeling action verbs, and turn-taking with peers.  The Easter Egg Mix consist of equal parts of glue, shaving cream, and then a few drops of food coloring.  I set up the activity by lining up the 3 ingredients and modeling the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd concepts…1st -glue, 2nd-shaving cream, and 3rd-food coloring.  I have the kids help me by saying “Ready….Set….Pour!” for the glue as we pour it on a paper plate.  Then the kids take turns shaking the shaving cream before we add it to the mix….”shake, shake, shake“.  After you add the shaving cream and glue have the kids pick a color and add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture.

Easter Egg Stages

We pass the mixture around and take turns stirring the mixture…”stir, stir, stir“.  Each students get a piece of construction paper with an oval on it for the egg.  The student then paint with the mixture “inside” the oval.

Easter Egg Stage 2


You can have the students add sprinkles to their eggs at the end.  Happy Easter!




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