What’s Bugging You? Color Matching Edition

I love myself some adapted books. You can make them about any topic your students are interested in, can practice loads of different skills, and is an appropriate way to integrated your students who are lower functioning into literacy instruction. Check out my super long post on adapted books to hear more of my rants!

One of my all time FAV adapted books is What’s Bugging You? It’s a cute way to work on increasing expressive language through the repetition and works on matching initial consonant sounds. My guys just love it and are beyond cute when they say “Oh no!” on each page. Well I guess my guys weren’t the only ones. I received this message from a speech therapist about this book:

I have a student that was not putting any words together 4 months ago. We have been working quite hard on using sentence strips to increase language output. She is very motivated by sentence strips, written words, and pictures. Today she was using your book (which is on of her favorites, she asks for it “I want oh no!”) and she was VERBALLY putting 6+ words together. One of the assistants in the classroom and I were literally crying about amazing this little girl is and how far she has come. Thank you for making such motivating materials and helping me to increase expressive language in my students.

Omigosh! To say that message made my day was such an understatement! I was beaming. So of course I making more adapted books jumped to the TOP of my to do list! We gotta get this little girl talking even more!

I made a new version of What’s Bugging You? with the same format but different pictures and a different concept to work on! This book works on color matching using these super cute bug clip art I snagged recently!

 Here is the video product preview:


  1. What a great idea! 🙂 I actually had a student use this book today (well, the other one that you made previously) and it makes him laugh and laugh!! Love it!

  2. Aw so cute! I love that your student laughs at it! So happy you like it 🙂


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