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Can break time in your ever be hmm… not a break at all? Harder than work time even? I feel ya. Sometimes break time is a hot crazy mess in my room. My students thrive on structure and routine so why in the world would I think a free for all don’t what you want system would work? Silly me. Silly, silly me. Although I don’t want to over structure and over schedule my babies, I little organization never hurt anyone.

When we got back early from our Special Olympics Medfest field trip last week and I was 50 shades of exhausted, I just wanted a few minutes of solace to eat my lunch. I let my aides take their lunch after a hard earned morning of medical exams and was left with 10 darling faces staring back at me. We did our independent work stations and then I was out of ideas. 2 iPads, 10 kids… ugh.

So I made a break time schedule and you know, it worked stupidly well. Why don’t I do this more? It was a great way to work on generalizing our time telling skills too!

I wrote 3 time periods and groups of two kids across the top. My students had to correspond the time to the activity to see the order of their 3 break activities – ipad, computer, and coloring.

They were entertained. I got to eat my lunch. All was good for a few peaceful moments…


  1. So simple! I will have to use something similar for that CRAZY holiday party day that will be here before I know it!! Thanks

  2. I feel ya on the crazy holiday party day! I always go home EXHAUSTED after class parties. Good luck 🙂

  3. Thanks for this. I’ve been stressed about break time/trade in time lately. I’m worried I’ve been giving too much. Seeing a half hour break fit into a day makes me feel better about when I take my lunch break.

  4. Exactly! Everyone needs break time- even our students 🙂


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