BONUS: Vocational Job Series Part 6: More Vocational Jobs for Your Classroom

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With summer only a few short weeks away, it’s not too early to start planning ways to incorporate vocational jobs in your classroom for next year.  This series lists tasks requiring minimal prep work and minimal materials.  Check out more ideas in my series linked below.

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Job Application (Basic & Advanced)

At the middle and high school levels, we continue working on filling out various forms.  Creating forms through Google Forms makes it more real-life for students to learn to complete these online.

Job Interview (Basic & Advanced)

Plan lessons around interview questions and practice the responses to each with your students.  At the end of the unit on job interviews, set up a mock interview for your students to put their hard work into action.


So many great skills can be taught when planning lessons around being a host/hostess (i.e., greeting others, making eye contact, etc.).  One way to put these skills to work would be to host a Thanksgiving Feast in your classroom.  Invite your administration, teachers, etc., and assign a student the job of a host/hostess.  

Setting Tables

Create this into an independent work task for your students to practice throughout the year and one that can be made into multiple levels.

Table Wiping

This is a job I have students start partaking in as soon as they are school-aged.  When students first learn to wipe the table, use a dry-erase marker to make wavy lines to practice wiping up and down.  As they start to learn the skill, fade the visual. 


Starting at the early elementary, this is a task to have students practice cleaning up messes.  You may have daily messes on the floor that you may not need to create a mess, but oatmeal works excellent for this activity.  We also use velcro tape to define what area needs to be cleaned.

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