BONUS: Vocational Job Series Part 4: More Vocational Jobs for Your Classroom

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Recently, I did a three-part blog series on vocational jobs in the classroom (linked below). I am excited to continue this series by adding a few BONUS blogs.  

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Vocational jobs are crucial to our daily lives and can be easily incorporated into the classroom.  By teaching and practicing these skills, we are helping students become more employable when they enter the workforce. 


Get these tasks and more by purchasing the Work Task Mega Pack from The Autism Helper here.

Bag Stuffing

Create these into workbox tasks for your students to complete independently or make them part of your scheduled vocational work time.

Ideas for bag stuffing:


  • First Aid Kits
  • Toiletry Kits
  • Silverware
  • Hair Accessories
  • And the list can go on and on!  Let your creativity flow!


Stuff/Label Envelopes


Make this a more basic task by having students stuff envelopes with cards.


Want more of a challenge for your students?  Have them fold papers, stuff the envelope, and label the outside of the envelopes with the recipient’s address, sender’s address, and a stamp.


Incorporate money into vocational workboxes in a few different ways, depending on the skill level of your learner.

Coin Recognition

  • sort out coins or bills

Change Amounts

  • the student is given an amount and will use coins to count out the given amount



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