Managing School Stress

Personally, I've been struggling with school stress lately. Maybe it's the unknowns, maybe it's the knowns, but whatever it is the stress of this coming year has been weighing heavily on my shoulders the past few weeks. I've taken some steps to manage the stress of...

All About Toe Walking

Toe walking is something we often see children doing and something I frequently get asked about as an OT.  I went to an awesome course a few years ago presented by Rachel Ottley, OT, and Liesa Persuad, PT, about toe walking.  I wanted to share some of the main ideas I...

How to Teach Flexibility

When we first began to suspect that my oldest son, Greyson, had some kind of developmental delay, I examined his behavior as if it was under a microscope. What does that mean? Is he doing that because he has autism or because he’s two? I wanted to understand him, and...

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