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All About Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to work on fine and visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills and problem solving skills. Additionally, they can also be a calming self regulation tool or rec/leisure option. There are so many different kinds of puzzles out there and it can...

Three Tools for Independent Work

Every year, independent work saves my classroom. This coming year will be no different. I know I've got a large group of kindergarten students coming in this fall. If you teach kindergarten you know just how intense those first few months are. It feels like herding...

Creating Core and Fringe Boards

One of my goals as an Infants and Toddlers home service provider was to infuse core language and visuals into homes and daycares as much as possible.  I understand it can be daunting for even teachers to utilize (core performance anxiety) so empowering parents and...

Setting Up a New Classroom

Setting Up a New Classroom The 2020-2021 school year was one I'll never forget. Yes, we survived COVID, but my classroom survived so much more. This past year ended with both of my assistants and myself out for unexpected medical reasons (totally separate and...

Transitioning to Summer

If you are like me, the start of Summer brings a mixture of excitement and dread. Sunshine and popsicles- YEAH! Schedule changes and lots of extra free time- NOT yeah. As the Momma of two autistic boys, I feel a deep empathy when they struggle during any big life...


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