What is Autism?

Autism is one of those things that most people have heard of, but they might not know a lot about it. Or the only reference they have for it is something like the movie, Rainman, which it doesn't accurately reflect the overall population of people with autism. Every...

Sharing About Autism Awareness Virtually

April is Quickly Approaching. I'm big on autism awareness all year long, but as a special education teacher, April is our month to shout it from the rooftops! World Autism Day falls on Friday, April 2nd this year, and like most things, COVID is changing up how we can...

All About Core Strength

As an adult, you may have heard the term 'core strength' as it refers to workout programs you may have tried.  Turns out that core strength is equally important for kids!  Today, let's explore what core strength is, why it is important and ways you can work on it at...

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