May Bingo

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Can you even believe that May is right around the corner?! I feel like I say this every month. But this year has really been whipping by. Anyone have a summer countdown yet? We are still too far away so I don’t want the countdown to be too depressing. Another month means another bingo. My little divas absolutely refuses to play anything but the current month’s bingo (expect of course Angry Bird bingo which is allowed every day and always).

May’s bingo has a planting twist. I love the spring vocabulary and this goes perfectly with all of the planting activities we have been doing to celebrate spring!

Here are the Easy Level Cards {great for simple vocabulary & receptive language}
May Bingo

The hard level cards {great for making inferences & problem solving skills}

May Bingo

There are 20 boards included in the May Bingo Game.

May Bingo

When my kids play games during their independent morning routine – I used to always tell them to play with the level 2 cards because they were too smart for level 1. Now my little sassy ones reprimand their peers “Why are you getting the level 1 cards out. You know we are too smart for those ones. Make it hard.” Love it 🙂

Check out the product preview:

Check it out on TpT: May Bingo!


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