Behavior Success, Currently, and a lil ol’ Halloween Sale 🙂

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Let’s go out of order! I decided to throw a lil’ mini sale until Sunday on my two Halloween products – Halloween Language Games and October Bingo. Thought you might want to work some Halloween activities into your class this month! And I was super excited by how much my kids like the Halloween Language Games and how cute it turned out!


My two Halloween games will be 20% off until Sunday 🙂

Next up, I’m linking up for the October Currently from Oh’Boy Fourth Grade! I love these things and now she has printables for your class to do them! SO doing that!


Last but not least, Behavior Success: Last week I posted about my battle trying to ignore an attention maintained behavior. One of my students had been slapping his thigh almost continuously throughout the day. I really have to say thank you to you all! It was so nice to hear all of your comments that you understood my pain! Nobody outside of this field can really understand what we go through, can they?? Definitely made me feel better to know I’m not the only one in this (sometimes sinking…) boat!

I kept thinking my ignoring intervention was going to work and each day I kept thinking we had hit the peak – but it only seemed to get worse. As hard as we were working to ignore this behavior, you honestly couldn’t completely ignore it. Even accidentally making eye contact with him would reinforce his behavior. Then we would be in the hall, inclusion, lunch, auditorium, etc. and someone would of course inadvertently tell him to stop. So I gave up on the ignoring – it was not working. I needed to add a punishment aspect. Since this behavior was for attention, I needed a punishment procedure that involved the removal of attention. We used one of my favorite behavior visuals – the 3 strike to time out visual. After 3 responses, he went to time out for 1-2 minutes and then to get out of time out had to do some contingent exercise (either 5 jumping jacks or sit down/stand up a few times) – the exercise component is to add in extra aversive to the time out.

I’m patting myself on the back right now as we speak because it was like I waved a mystical, magical behavior management wand. Today and yesterday we were at less then 10 slaps each day with is WAY down from the 200-300 per day we had before. Check out his graph!!

Glorious!! Check back in tomorrow – I have a really great freebie for ya 😉


  1. I agree with the quiet!! I was in the workroom the other day and it was silent. There was a Mom in there helping out and she said to me, “It’s too quiet.” I said, “Oh no, it’s awesome.” Happy fall! 🙂

  2. I am in a chili kind of mood myself!
    I sympathize about grad school. In the midst of it myself. What are you getting your degree in? I ask because I am getting mine in Working with kids with ASD.


  3. I’m getting my degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. So you know how it feels not to read for fun, haha! I always feel left out when my friends talk about the latest books they are reading and I have nothing to contribute! Hope your week is going well 🙂

  4. Thanks Kelly! Sometimes quiet is the best noise after being with noisy kids all day 🙂


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