Behavior Management Visual Mashup

Sometimes you need a behavior management tool that has a little bit of everything. It’s a little bit social story, a little bit time out card, and a little bit token economy. Some students need all of that. They need a visual method of understand the rules and what they can be doing along with what they cannot be doing. They also need to know what they are working for. Plus they need a way of knowing if their behavior is on track to that reinforcer or not. Check out this awesome behavior management visual mashup:


The top part of the visual is a mini social story providing visual instruction on what the student should not be doing. The best part is the reversible¬†“being good” and “being bad” visual. I put velcro on both sides so we can easily flip it over to show to the student if his behavior is good or bad. Remember – our students don’t just innately know how their behavior is. Sometimes good behavior and bad behavior needs to be defined in a very clear way.



Also involved in this visual is the item the student is working for. So this is really like a jacked up token board!



So play around with your behavior management tools. Combine the ones that work to make an even more amazing and effective tool that will stop that naughtiness right in its tracks!


  1. I love this idea, but I think I’m a bit vague today, and am not sure of some of the processes…
    If they are making bad choices do you turn it over to the red side-do they get the opportunity to work back or the reward? Or does time start again when you turn it back to the good choices side-so 10 minutes, or an hour without it being turned.

  2. Thanks for the idea! This will be perfect for one of my students.

  3. Sorry – maybe I didn’t explain this well! When they make bad choices – I turn it over so they get immediate feedback on their behavior. Once they begin making good behaviors – then I switch back over and remind them what they are working for. It would depend on the student, for when they get the reward. This system works well for children who don’t understand timers and intervals and things like that and need immediate visual feedback for their behavior. Does that make better sense?

  4. Is this available to purchase.

  5. I am in the process of making a Behavior Management Pack 2 and it will be in there! Should be up by end of December!

  6. I love this. Do they get the reward after the task? Is the behavior pack available to buy?


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