Basic Skills Bingo

The start of the year is all about bingo games for me. We are busy. We’re trying to settle into our new schedule. I’m still figuring out data systems, curriculum maps, and all that fun stuff. I’m training staff. It’s a lot. And in order to not have a complete implosion on my hands – I need to keep my kids busy. I want my students and staff to learn our new schedule but I’m not quiet ready to bring on the intense work yet. They need something to do at each station and I’d also like it to be meaningful. Bingo is key here! Bingo allows my students to work on building vocabulary, expressive/receptive language, and social skills plus it’s easy to setup & use! I am beyond thankful to have a huge stack of bingo games to pull form during these hectic first few weeks. It helps me buy time to get everything else together while still providing meaningful instruction.

My new bingo game – Basic Skills Bingo – has been on constant rotation for my lower level learners during our first month of school. It’s perfect for reviewing skills, learning some new ones, and giving that much needed extra practice in a non-demanding way. My kids are happy to engage in this task because it doesn’t feel like work – it’s a game!

It’s essential to make sure each child has a strong foundation of basic skills. A fun way to ensure mastery is through these interactive bingo games. Each game focuses on a different skill. Using visuals, multiple examples, and structure will allow students to learn basic skills successfully with this resource! This foundational level resource is also perfect for your low level learners to target turn taking, social skills, and group behavior!

This product contains 6 bingo games! Each with 10 bingo boards and calling cards. Included:  
– Color Bingo
– Shape Bingo
– Number Bingo
– Number Quantity Bingo
– Lower Case Letter Bingo
– Upper Case Letter Bingo

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper

The Autism HelperThe Autism Helper

If you use my Basic Skills Vocabulary unit – this goes perfectly with it! It’s so key to solidify those foundational skills!




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