Back to School Prepping this Spring

Spring Prep for Fall

Every spring, as we move into April and May, I try to get some of the basic back-to-school prep done for my students. My time in the summer is precious, and I want to spend as much time as I can now prepping what I know I’ll need for back to school. Here’s a list of things that I’m prepping this spring to use this fall!

Communication Books

No matter the learner, I’ll need to actively communicate with their parent/guardians. The Home School Communication Packet from The Autism Helper really helps students and teachers communicate what happened throughout the school day in a quick, easy way. No matter if you and your staff fill these out or your students are able to assist, daily communication will help create better relationships between school and home – something we strive for as teachers. When everyone has all of the information on what is happening each day, there are no surpises at the IEP table when it comes to progress and behavior. Plus, this creates a built in way for teachers to communicate the good things that happen each day! We want our communication with parents/guardians to cover the good things, too. I take these and bind them in a book for the year. A co-worker just prints off enough for each month and sends one home daily. Whatever works for you!

Data Sheets & Logs

Taking data is part of our job. No matter the caseload, you’ll be gathering data for your students. I print off a varity of data sheets so I’ll be ready to go. I print off collaboration logs so I can track collaboration with related service providers, general education teachers, and parents. Independent work and fluency are two stations I’ll always have going in my classroom. I print data sheets off for those, too. I edit the Speial Education Data Sheets (Editable) until they are just how I need them.

Visual Supports

I have a wide-range of visual supports in my classroom ready to go at a moment’s notice. However, after a year or two, they get worn out and need to be replaced. I go through my visuals and reprint and make anything I know I’ll need for that next year. A big part of the visual supports in my classroom is the use of visual schedules. These pieces for sure need to be replaced yearly, so I always print out new, color-coded pieces from the Ready to Go Color Coded Daily Picture Schedule. I then laminate, velcro and have them ready for day 1!

With just a little bit of coping and prepping, I hope to be ahead of the game and not need to spend as much time getting ready for school this fall. By picking things like communication books, data sheets, and visuals to get ready, I’ll be sure use everything I’ve gotten ready this spring for back to school in the fall!


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