It’s that time of year. Whether the sight of freshly packaged crayolas filling every aisle of your local Target gives you chills or giggles of excitement (or a little bit of both!) – you can’t avoid it. Back to school season is here and it’s time to get ready. I am a firm believer in being overly prepared and overly organized. Our jobs are too hard to take the risk of not being ready. Now is the time to get your curriculum, classroom, data systems, and work tasks ready for those kiddos. Once the school year starts – you’ll be thanking yourself big time!

New teacher? Seasoned veteran? We've got something for everyone...

Are you a brand new teacher? It can be scary terrifying to start in a new job but especially intimidating to start in a new job like this one. I so clearly remember the moment those 8 bodies lumbered into my classroom on day one of my first year and distinctly remember thinking: “What the heck am I going to do with this kids until 2:45?” It’ll get easier – I promise!

Here are some of the best reviewed and best selling resources that I would recommend for new teachers or teachers who are new to TAH.


You aren’t a newbie but you’re looking some refreshers or ways to improve your classroom. It’s time to up the ante! Take more data, make your curriculum more challenging, and add more centers to your classroom. You’ve got the tools for success – it’s just time to add on! Maybe you have a few resources for TAH but are looking for year long resources or larger changes in classroom like overhaul of schedules or new curriculum ideas.


You’ve been around the block. You’re schedules rock. You’re visuals are on point. You are familiar with our Autism Helper line of resource. Guess what? I’ve still got some great new goodies for you to keep make the most veteran teacher excited and reenergized!


Looking for a year-long curriculum? We've got you covered!

The Leveled Daily Curriculum provides a year long language arts curriculum that focuses on teaching foundational skills, beginning academics, and, advanced academic skills. The curriculum is structured, visually based, breaks down larger skills into manageable steps, embeds assessments, and utilizes data based decision making. Over 180+ activities included in each level. Check out the in-depth video tours to learn more:

Check out the Leveled Language Arts Curriculum!

Unsure which resources are perfect for you and your classroom? Let me help!

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