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I spent last Friday morning chatting away about some of my favorite things in the world – adapted books, word sorts, wh- question fluency programs, efficient data sheets, and loads more literacy fun. My literacy presentation is one of my favorites. It spans from foundational level skills all the way towards more advanced readers. There’s a little something for everyone! I feel like a used car salesman as I rattle off the laundry list of advantages that teaching literacy has – it reduces problem behavior, increase independence, allows of expanding of further skills, improves communication, and provides increase opportunities for inclusion. Have I sold you? Literacy is just one of the many topics our Autism Helper Workshops include!

Recently, most of the presentations I have given recently started by a teacher asking their principal or special ed director. Most of them were surprised to discover that their district had a budget for professional development! Never hurts to ask! My pricing for my presentation services is on a case by case basis based on the needs of each facility. I look at what time I need to prepare and the amount of time for each meeting/training. I typically include travel expenses within my quote as opposed to having the facility/district arrange that. I open to being flexible and working with your school’s budget.

I am especially excited for my upcoming presentations because I now received parental consent to use some of my students within video examples. I am a visual learner just like my kiddos and it is beyond helpful not only to hear about different interventions and strategies but to see them in action. I am LOADING up all my presentation with videos galore.

The Autism Helper - Presentations

If you are interested in booking a professional development that is individualized for your facility – contact me for custom quote! Fall is the perfect time to schedule professional development and get your school year started right! :)

I’ve gotten a ton of emails about webinars and web based training! It’s something that has been in the works for a while and I’m hoping to have finalized and ready to roll out by early winter! Stay tuned for some online learning coming soon!


  1. Interested in webinars and web training for sure!!!!

  2. On line learning would be wonderful…especially as I live in Australia!

  3. I would be very interested!

  4. I forwarded this to my SPED supervisor! I can’t wait for the webinars to become available. Your website and products have changed the entire way I run my classroom. I love all your ideas and products!

  5. Will keep you updated!

  6. Hope to get it up and running ASAP!

  7. Let me know if they want me to work up a quote for them!


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