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Last Friday I spent a wonderful day meeting with direct care staff at an adult service facility. I absolutely love seeing other special education settings. It was especially great to see such positive supports in the adult services world – which is so often underfunded and underdeveloped. Last week, I worked with staff on using organization and structure within the classroom setting. I presented on implementing visual schedules, organizing effective data collection systems, and behavior management prevention strategies – all from the adult service viewpoint.

You may have noticed a few changes in my website over the past few months. That sneaky teal bar hanging out at the top of my home page – did ya see it? Did you check it out? The Autism Helper is rapidly expanding and created a new website to accommodate this need. My new website – Work With Me ( shares my consulting and speaking roles. I have a passion for working with teachers, parents, and administrators and sharing interventions, strategies, and tools. I have been a busy bee with my presentation schedule and I absolutely love it.

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Check out my new website and consider if this might be something right for your organization. If you are a teacher or direct care staff – approach your administration to see if there is funding for trainings and workshops. Many agencies have a budget for training and would be open to this possibility! My pricing is on a case by case basis because the needs of each service set can be very different. Please contact me for additional information. 


Last Friday and all my other speaking engagements, leave me with a great feeling. This may sound corny – but it makes me feel so optimistic about the world. It makes me realize in such a huge and meaningful way, how many truly amazing people there are out there. People who work tirelessly trying to make the lives of individuals with autism better. People who often don’t often get the thanks and appreciation they deserve. People who think outside the box creating innovative and successful interventions and strategies. Corny, I know. But there are some honestly stellar people outside in this field. And I can’t wait to meet more of them 🙂


  1. Your passion is contagious. Thanks for your hard work!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading 🙂


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