Autism Education & Training Services: Video Review

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As a parent, educator, or clinician, we are often left with finding our own training and supplemental education. Unfortunately, many school districts cannot provide specialized training for the diverse needs of their special education population. The special education degree is wide and may leave a new teacher feeling unprepared for the challenges of an autism classroom. I had the opportunity to review a training video from Autism Education & Training Services. Videos like these are essential for parents and educators to learn specific strategies to help their child learn and grow!

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Autism Education and Behavior Training Services provide a wide array of educational training products all geared towards parents and teachers. All of these videos were developed in collaboration with Tom Caffrey, M.Ed., BCBA. These training resources utilize the principles of applied behavior analysis, include powerful real-life video examples, provide step-by-step instruction, and strive bring techniques to life.  

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I reviewed the training video – Teaching Kids to Talk which focuses on the specific teaching strategies related to teaching child to verbally communicate their wants and needs. I loved the real life videos included in this training video! I am all about visual examples. You can explain and explain something to me but it won’t really click until I see it in action. This training used simple language that can be easily comprehended by anyone looking to learn! I also loved that this resource included examples and non examples. The videos really illustrated the strategies that Tom discussed. Everything was clear and easy to understand.

If you are interested in improving your skills or learning new techniques, I encourage you to investigate this helpful and engaging video series!




  1. Thanks so much for sharing Sasha!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to review and share the videos Sasha! I truly appreciate your time!


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