Autism Acceptance Month

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April is Autism Acceptance Month. Although raising awareness and providing a safe environment for our students to be accepted is something we strive to do all year, this month gives us an added prompt. A prompt to share the good, share the victories, share the accomplishments, and share the baby steps. As an educator, clinician, parent, or autistic individual, you are part of this community. Take April as a prompt to share with those that are not part of this community. Share with them why acceptance is important. Share with them how acceptance can cause meaningful change. Change that can make the lives better for individuals on the spectrum. Change that could lead to one less child being bullied, one less parent getting the side eye during a challenging outing with their child, or one less teacher having to advocate for accommodations that should already be given.

This April, my goal is to learn from the experts and I invite you to join me in this endeavor. The experts are autistic adults.

Individuals who know first-hand what the obstacles are and what we can do to help. Many autistic adults have become strong advocates of this community and bravely share their opinions and perspective with the world. This month and every month moving forward – let’s turn to them for guidance in how to create a safe world for our students, clients, and children.

On Instagram this month, we will be highlighting different accounts, businesses, and products that are started or run by autistic adults. My hope is to amplify these voices and share them with The Autism Helper community. We will be saving all of the information in a highlight if you miss any. Please feel free to share any accounts that are inspiring to you.

I encourage you to follow and learn from these accounts. Learn how you can more fully accept the unique personalities and needs of your students. Learn how you can teach those that are not a part of this community to be accepting of the differences of others. Change can start small and snowball to have a big impact.


  1. Love this! Do you have any plans to update your Autism Awareness packet with the infinity symbol instead of the puzzle pieces, or have a new version to purchase? I love the product, but some of our students/families do not view the puzzle piece as supportive of Autism Acceptance.

  2. Omigosh! Great point. Yes, we will!

  3. Autism awareness has been a hot topic over the years at my school. We have a recent graduate who has made great strides over the years for autism awareness. He works with professional teams like the Philadelphia eagles, he has been on celebrity talk shows and now he is traveling to various colleges and high schools to work with the faculty and students. Thank you for making this such a great topic!!

  4. Hi Rick, that’s great to hear! Thanks so much for reading 🙂


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