I’m loving these Associated Picture Task cards Sasha created.  The set contains 36 cards so they make a perfect speech therapy session activity.  I use them to target both receptive and expressive language skills.  These association cards are different then having the student just name categories.  For these cards the student either has to identify one or two items which go with the given pictured item.  This can be challenging for some of our students. 

For the first set of cards the student has to select which one item from a visual field of 3 goes with the featured item.  When using these cards with my non-verbal or limited verbal students I read the top of the card “what goes with a…?” then I point to the picture on the top of the card as I name the item.  For example, “what goes with the firetruck?”  I point to each item on the card as I name it “fire, crayons, paperclip”.  Then I have my student point to the picture which goes with the firetruck.  Sometimes I give my students dry erase markers and let them circle the correct item (some of my students love using dry erase markers).  For these students I use it as a receptive language task. 

For my students with AAC devices I have them use their device to tell me which of the 3 items is associated with the targeted picture.  “What goes with a door?”  My student used their device to say “window”. 

You can even have them find both items on their device.  For example, they could find “nail hammer” in any order or if they can add the “and” that would be awesome.  I’m working with some of my students on adding that “and” to the phrase and they can do it.  I’m still happy with them using their device to say “hammer nail” and then I might model adding the word “and” in the phrase. 

With my verbal students I do the same thing except I have them read the card if they can read and name all the pictured items.  Then I have him/her name which item is associated with that targeted picture.  With my higher functioning students, I have them verbally or with their AAC device tell me how the 2 items are associated.  Sometimes I have to give my students a choice of 2 answers to help them understand and provide that associations.  For example, “does a spider eat the web or build the web?”  Hopefully providing the choice of answers helps the students identify that association.    

The other set of cards the student has to select the 2 items for a visual field of 6 items which goes with the targeted item.  Again, if I’m targeting receptive language skills I have the student point to the 2 items which are associated with the given picture item. 

If my student can I have them tell me how those 3 items are associated.  Students can do this verbally or with their AAC device.   

If you are interested in these cards you can find them on TPT with the link – Associated Picture Task Cards

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