Arctic Bingo: S-Blend, R-Blend, and L-Blend Bingo!

It’s fun to play games with your students while you work on articulation skills.  If your student is working on the “S”, “R”, or “L” sound and has established their target speech sound in blends then this Blend Bingo game would be perfect to practice those blends.  There are several different ways you can play this bingo game depending on your student’s skill level and age.  Each sound has 5 boards with different pictures on them so it makes it a little more challenging between the students.  In addition this Bingo game is also great to continue to build vocabulary skills and word knowledge.  If you have a group of students and one is working on articulation and one language skills then this is also a good activity to target both goals.

Artic Bingo Boards

Level 1 Cards

These cards just have the picture and written word on the card.  Have the students take turns turning over the bingo cards.  If the student is working on the sound at the word level, have the student say the word 5 times correctly before the students put the marker chips on their boards.  You can also have the student use a carrier such as “I see..” or “I found…” along with the target word.  If you student is at the sentence level you can have him/her say the word in a sentence before putting the marker chips on the bingo boards.

Slide2 Slide13 Slide24

Level 2 Cards

These cards have short descriptions of the target word on the cards.  You can read the clue to your student and have him/her guess the target word which works on having the student remember to use his/her correct speech sound while trying to answer the clue.  If your students can read have the students take turn reading the clues to each other.  The students can also work on using their correct target sounds while reading and for those working on vocabulary or word retrieval it focuses on identifying the target word given a short description.  Again have the students say the target words multiple times or use them in a sentence to get additional productions.  I always try to get as many speech productions as I can during the session so I have the students says the words multiple times during the game.

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Have Fun with all these Bingo Boards!

Artic Bingo Game

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