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I am admittedly not a math loving teacher. I’d choose homophones and character traits over fractions and multiplication any day. My classroom has been BEYOND lucky to have a set of iPads this year. I have been striving to utilize these little motivation machine to their upmost potential. Because you know the rule – if it’s on the iPad, it’s automatically more fun and exciting. We have incorporated some more fluency and graphing into our daily routine and guess what?! I haven’t hated math. I’d even go so far as to say – I liked teaching math. Check it out:

Flash to Pass App - The Autism Helper

We use the app – Flash to Pass. It’s a free math fluency app with a ton of great options. You can choose how many problems, you can select the time to go up or down, you can select the operation, and you can select the level of difficulty within each operation. You can even select the number maximum within the problems if you want.

Flash to Pass App - The Autism Helper Flash to Pass App - The Autism Helper

After students complete their timing, we graph their results. I was going to get fancy and make a whole beautiful graphing template – but you know what? Sometimes a massive post it works just as well. This was also beneficial because I could adjust the scale for each student. We compared our results each day and tried to complete the problems in less time. This activity tied in so many math skills! More/less, graphing, math operations, and comparison.

The Autism Helper - App it and Graph it The Autism Helper - App it and Graph it

We displayed all of our beautiful data on our data board:
The Autism Helper - App it and Graph it

Try this out with your kiddos for an effective and easy to setup math lesson!

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