Freebie Friday: Angry Verbs

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Bahhhh!! I’m SUPER excited to share this with you all! My kids and I had so much this week on these activities – because seriously who doesn’t love angry birds?! I may or may not have spent $2.99 last year on an in-app purchase to skip a level I just could.not.beat. Embarrassing…

So one of my goals this year is to build my students’ “school” vocabulary. The language deficit many children with autism have can effect so many academic areas. It’s had to have a discussion or learn new concepts when the foundational vocabulary is not there.

This week we started working on verbs. To really engage my kiddos, we worked on angry verbs. They died. Literally. I’ve never seen these litter stinkers so excited to work on something academic. Not to mention something academic that is challenging.

The thing that is difficult with children with autism is that because of their language deficit you cannot use only language to explain something. Saying a verb is an action means nothing to them. The key is tons of practice to teach discrimination. We started every morning group this week by making a list of verbs on the board. Students who initially had no idea what a verb was started to get the pattern and were able to distinguish the similarities of the words we were picking.

I also really tried to pair our discussion about verbs with the “what” question since we are always working on answering wh- questions. After we did whole group work, we also worked on this in our centers so I could make sure all of the students were getting this.

Now came the fun part! We colored the pictures of our angry verbs:

And sorted them into Angry Verbs and Not Angry Verbs:

Here are out posters 🙂

Then each of my students made 2 (1 was not enough! They wanted to make 2!!) of their own angry verb sheets. They filled in verbs on their own for each prompt.

And then we displayed them all in the hall because they turned out so freaken cute!!

Here is your freebie! This Angry Verb Packet includes 12 verb worksheets, verb and not verb birds, and the two titles (angry verbs & not angry verbs). Happy angry birding!

I’m linking up with Clutter Free Classroom (one of my favs!) for her Snapshots on a Sunday Linky Party! Check out what everyone else has been up to this week!

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  1. What an awesome lesson for verbs! My student would totally get into this as he is an angry bird fan! This also gives me ideas on how to adapt this for other areas as well. Thank you!

  2. You’re welcome Mary! Hope your student likes it 🙂 I’m thinking about doing a Noun Ninja unit based on fruit ninja next!


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