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I am a self diagnosed perfectionist. I want everything to be just right. Perfect corners, straight lines, dotted i’s – you get the point. I have some really awesome resources in my classroom (thank you donorschoose!) but sometimes those amazing acitiveties still don’t fit into my perfectionist requirements. They are almost there – but not quite. Don’t worry, people – I’m not totally nuts. I don’t throw these activities away or anything. Just a little adapting to the rescue. That’s what we do as special educators, right? Adapt, adapt adapt.

I got this great measuring center from my home away from home – Lakeshore Learning and I was loving it for one of my less verbal students.

The problem: I felt like it was missing something for him. We would match the blocks (don’t you love how he has to do each line in only one color!?) and count them up. But there was never any match the quantity to the number.

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks


The solution: So I made a bunch of number pieces, laminated them, and put on some velcro. Now when he is done counting, he can find the correct number and match it on the velcro! This is a great way to assess his skills because now I know he is counting correctly!

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

Another activity I had an OCD like problem with was this great ABC puzzle my mom got for my class. It is matching letter to words – which is a perfect activity for 2 of my students working on prereading skills.

The problem: This is one of those annoying puzzles. It drives my guys NUTS. The puzzle pieces fit together but don’t snap or fit in together all the way – know what I mean. If you accidentally knock it a bit – it moves all of the pieces. Annoying.

The Autism Helper - Adapted Resources


The solution: Velcro to the rescue! I put soft velcro on the back of all of the puzzle pieces. Then I put some pieces of cardboard in a binder with some hard velcro pieces. Now my students match the puzzle pieces in the binder. Perfect work task!

The Autism Helper - Adapted Resources    The Autism Helper - Adapted Resources


Dig out those activities and task that you deemed imperfect. Brush off the dust and adapt away!



  1. I love these ideas! I immediately want to go have endless hours in my classroom after I read your posts!

  2. I totally know what you mean. I have several great activities some of my kids won’t complete because they get so frustrated when the pieces break apart. Thanks for the great idea.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting

  3. Aw thanks Erin! I have been dying for a PD day myself – I just want some time alone in my classroom! Haha

  4. Don’t you love how particular are kids can be! I totally get it though!


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