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Adapted books should be a staple in every autism or special ed classroom. An adapted book is any book that has been modified in some way that makes it more accessible to a student who has difficulty with typical books. That can mean adding braille, making the text easier, or adding in moveable pictures or visuals.

If you have been hanging around The Autism Helper for a while, you know I am obsessed with adapted books. They can be used to teach so many skills, can be adapted for different age and skill levels, and are engaging for students.  I love creating my own adapted books that target specific skills.

Check out my library of adapted books here:

Sarah gives an awesome intro to adapted books in this post. She uses adapted books all the time in her speech sessions because they are interactive, motivating, and target various language skills.  Many allow the students to feel successful and part of the book because they have to add or move pieces within the book.

Sarah also shares some awesome ways she uses adapted books with her older students in this post.

Check out how I organize my adapted books in this post. You definitely want to be able to find the right book right when you need it!


  1. I am getting ready to homeschool my autistic son next year when he enters Kindergarten. So I voraciously reading anything I can about teaching strategies for various subjects. I love this idea about adapted books! But I don’t fully understand how it works, do you have a YouTube demonstration or could you recommend one that I view? Thanks!!


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