New Adapted Book: Candy Color and Count!

This book is good enough to eat! My kids are instantly engaged into anything food themed. Can you blame them? Who doesn’t love to eat! Don’t be shy about using these types of things to you advantage (hence my cupcake file folders and fast food adapted book). Use these motivating themes to get your students involved and interested in literacy! My new book – Candy Color and Count is a hybrid of my bestselling What? How Many? What Color? Call them second cousins or old college roommates. Similar but of course with a few tweaks.

Candy Color and Count

This book follows a similar pattern which I find very helpful for my more rigid and structured kiddos. Each page has two groups of items and you need to match the number and color of each group. This is awesome for assessing and working on these skills with your less verbal kids. These can be hard skills to target with this group – so activities like this are key!

Candy Color and Count

I purposefully wanted to venture beyond the primary colors with this book. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of teaching red, blue, green, yellow. I mean come on… our world is not made up of all perfect primary colors. This book uses lime green, orange, pink, and turquoise. Getting a little crafty!


I have already thrown this book into one of my more difficult student’s work station and it was perfect. Slightly time consuming but not crazy long. Doable but still challenging. Gotta love when you hit that perfect balance!

The storage system for these books is why I love it. No baggies, no muss, no fuss. Everything stores perfectly into the book. Bind all of the pages on the right side and then bind the storage page (page with the boxes) to only the last page on the left side.

Candy Color and Count



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