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I am admittedly not very artsy. I have a few go-to seasonal crafts that I bust out occasionally but that’s about all I got. Unfortunately my school does not have an art teacher 🙁 I used to try to incorporate more art into my daily schedule but lately I have struggled to find a time for it. However I do think art is really important. I have one great resource to share that has helped me a lot in this area. This book is called Climbing Art Obstacles in Autism and is $19.95 from Amazon.For my class this book is perfect because the art projects are simple enough that my students who are higher functioning can accomplish them independently and my students who a lower functioning can do some of the steps with help. The projects are super simple but I love the step by step visual directions.

Here is what some of the pages look like:

I actually laminate a lot of the pages and then my kids can mark off each step as they do it as well as check off that they have all of the materials before they start. This has worked well for me as an independent art station during a center rotation. It’s a nice break from academics but is still working on fine motor skills, sequencing, following directions, and gives a great creative outlet.


How do you incorporate art into your classroom?


  1. I use this book occasionally as well! There are a lot of little typos, but other than that I really like it.

    Breezy Special Ed

  2. True – I have noticed the typos. I love this in a pinch when I haven’t planned something! haha!

  3. I have this book as well. I just wish it came with black line masters for each of the pieces. I haven’t used all the projects because figuring out how to cut the pieces, what size etc can be a pain.

  4. Stacy (and Sasha if you are interested) – I have created a quite a few documents of pages with the shapes needed that I then print on colored paper for my students to cut out. It save a lot of time. I will send them to you if you’re interested! Email me at

  5. Just bought this- excited to add this to my collection of great resources!


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